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the handcrafted drape

In a world of mass production and fleeting trends, there exists a realm where time-honored traditions meet contemporary sophistication. A subtle yet unmistakable elegance weaves its way through every thread, embodying the essence of cultural heritage, aesthetic sense of style and refined craftsmanship. Welcome to the realm of handcrafted sarees, where each drape tells a story of artistry and timeless beauty.

THe tale of JajiBelli

The depth of our creations is in the intricate details meticulously woven by our skilled artisans, each stitch a testament to their dedication and expertise. With a delicate touch and an eye for perfection, our artisans breathe life into every creation, infusing it with a soul that transcends boundaries.

A commitment to preserving the age-old techniques passed down through generations. Every motif, every weave carries the imprint of centuries-old traditions, a homage to the rich cultural heritage that defines the essence of India.

Yet, amidst this celebration of tradition, there exists a subtle undercurrent of modernity. Our sarees are not merely relics of the past but statements of contemporary style, sophistication. With new and innovative techniques that promote ease-of-use, and a keen sense of aesthetics, we have attempted to infuse new life into age-old techniques, redefining the boundaries of saree and blouse couture.

distinctly yours

Each of our creations is a labor of love, from the initial sketch to the final embellishment. With every drape, these sarees become a canvas for personal expression, a symbol of individuality in a world of mass-produced replicas.

In the wide tapestry of dreams and a strong grounding in reality of everyday life, an adventure begins. two women who set out to provide the best life for their childrenhad an idea of making high quality and asthetically pleasing garments for women. Back in 1999, with just 1 tailor, a handful of potential customers and no formal knowledge of garment design, a matchbox sized shop began its journey in Bangalore, India. Sisters Susheela and Shyla found an outlet for their love for embroidery and craftsmanship that they had picked up as teenagers in their convent in Coorg, a small district in South India. Their undying love for nature and specifically flowers could be seen in their creations. They did not have a formal education in business, but they understood the pulse of the customers, they understood colors, designs and fabrics to its core they began to understand how powerful looking presentable was. They understood the pulse of the independent woman, they understood what it means to forge an identity that was beyond the realm of societal expectations They soon became famous in the area for providing a great fit with a side of entertaining gossip. Armed with a commitment to wooing their customers and striving to provide high value, the sisters had their own little shop up and running.   

Today, after more than 2 decades and countless ups and downs history repeats, they want to forage into the wild again and bring to the world a fashion line that is distinctly deep rooted in artisanal work and everything handmade. 

Thank you for welcoming Jajibelli. 



In a society that often prioritizes speed and convenience, our sarees stand as a reminder of the beauty that emerges when time is taken, and attention is paid to every detail. They are more than just garments; they are works of art, imbued with the spirit of our artisans.

For in that subtle stitch lies a story waiting to be told, a story of timeless elegance.